Coastal Design

Coastal Design

July is the perfect time to explore the coastal design style- one of my favorites! Different images may come to mind when you think of coastal design. Over the years our family has vacationed in many beach homes and condos and we have seen some unusual design choices. There was the house where every room was painted a different bright color (orange, red, blue, green, pink, and purple) complete with a neon light palm tree. Another place was a condo that hadn’t been touched since the 1970’s. There were beads in the doorway to separate the rooms and one wall was completely mirrored. They stopped short of a disco ball on the ceiling, I think.

Modern coastal design focuses on the colors of the sea and sand. The base colors are shades of whites and neutrals. Griege tones (a mix of grey and beige tones) provide a nice background. One popular coastal color palette includes warm whites with muted blues and greens. Another great palette incorporates navy blue, white, and gray for a refreshing look. There are many great fabrics that will work in coastal design. There are subtle patterns such as the gray coral on the quilt pictured above. This provides a beautiful starting point without being too bright or bold. The hand crafted weathered wood bed is the perfect focal point. Tobacco baskets on the main wall provide more texture.

Coastal design can range from very casual to slightly more formal but it will always be comfortable and low maintenance. Texture is important – think seagrass rugs, woven baskets, weathered wood, nubby cotton and linen. Whitewashed fixtures and accent pieces add to the coastal feel.

Mirrors are one way to expand the visual space of your room. Glass lamps and accessories will also reflect light and add interest to the design. Light fixtures featuring rustic metal, rope, beads, and shells are great statement pieces. These chandeliers from Ballard Designs fit the bill perfectly.

It’s ninety degrees today at the beach but it feels great on the porch with the fans going. The ice cream truck has gone by and many children (and grownups!) are happily eating their popsicles. I hear laughter as people are jumping in the waves. Bring this contented, relaxed feeling to your home this summer! I would love to help you design a new space or bring some coastal touches into your current decor.

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