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Welcome to the first “Make Yourself at Home” blogpost! 

When thinking about what I want you to experience when reading my blog and the atmosphere I want to help you create in your space, the simple phrase “make yourself at home” comes to mind. 

At Home:

at ease comfortable     relaxed    

content               confident         at peace

In today’s world of busyness and stress, your home can be your welcoming haven; the place where you can relax and truly be yourself. When you walk through the door each day, you can take a deep breath and know you will be surrounded by comfort. Your home should be a place that makes you feel happy and peaceful.

When you have a design that is pleasing to your senses, you have a soft place to land at the end of each day. Also, when friends and family come into your home, you want them to feel welcomed and at ease. 

Your home is likely where you spend the majority of your time (especially these days!) and yet the design may not be something you’ve spent a lot of time thinking about.

Usually when people walk into our home they immediately comment on how they feel. They may point out certain elements they like such as the floors, furnishings, or artwork. But with few exceptions the reactions are something like this: “Your home is so peaceful.”  “I want to stay here.” “I relax as soon as I walk through your door.”

There are elements of fun and family in our home. It isn’t designed to be a showplace. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be beautiful, but it should function well and reflect who are. I want people to feel free to kick off their shoes and not be afraid to put their drinks on the coffee table.

When I was growing up, our living room was off limits. It was strictly to be used for guests. The decor was all white- the walls, the upholstery, and the carpet – all very white. My mom could tell if I walked through the room because my footprints could be seen in the carpet. Took me a minute to figure out how she always knew! It was beautiful space, but that is not the only goal of a well designed interior.

One of my goals in design is to help you enjoy your home and make it a welcoming space for others. I want to help you discover what colors you want to be surrounded by and what furnishings are most comfortable to you. I want to find that piece of art that fills you with joy and the blanket you don’t want to sleep without.

If you would like to find out what your predominant design style is, take my quiz on the home page of my website! https://lauragossett.com/.

Here are a few words of advice as you contemplate your next design project:

Be authentic. Be true to yourself and what you love. One person may feel peaceful in a home with neutral tones and another may feel happiest in a home filled with color. Those are both valid points of view. Your home should make your heart happy!

Be adventurous. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Look for inspiration in nature, in photographs, fabrics, and artwork. One of the great advantages of online design is that you can see different colors, styles, and furnishings before making a decision.

I hope this blog will be a place where we can connect, share ideas, and offer encouragement. I hope you will “make yourself at home” here and join in the conversation. I would love to answer your design questions in future blogposts. Leave in the comments below or email me at lauragossettinteriors@gmail.com.

Have a beautiful day,


“Thanksgiving will pour out the windows; laughter will spill through the doors.” ( Jeremiah 30:19 MSG)


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